Trainer Selection Process

After determining scope of the project, as well as evaluating our client’s strategic objectives, a Learnsoft training coordinator will assign the ideal instructor for the client. The criteria includes:

  • trainer qualifications
  • subject-matter knowledge
  • course content
  • delivery format
  • class size
  • client-specific requests

These pre-program steps help us set clear objectives for both the client and instructor, greatly enhancing the class effectiveness and overall learning experience.

About our instructors

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our senior management, Learnsoft has assembled a staff of the most effective and capable trainers. Each trainer undergoes an in-depth screening process, and we perform a series of interviews to ensure that our trainers possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and teaching abilities. Our team of instructors consists of numerous delivery styles and training techniques, yet they all share the common thread of being highly capable, energetic, friendly, and each holding considerable experience and knowledge in their respective disciplines.

Become an instructor

Interested in becoming part of the Learnsoft Instructor team? Please visit the Careers page.

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