Courses & Catalogs

Learnsoft provides a complete spectrum of business skills and IT courses ranging from single class training to full learning programs. In addition, our subject matter experts have created a collection of project-tailored and industry-specific courses designed to make training more targeted and efficient.

Learnsoft has always put a premium on the early adoption of advanced technologies and software to deliver clients the most comprehensive offerings and progressive training techniques. We continue to acquire and incorporate premium software into our learning platform and are constantly enhancing our selection of learning materials to stay ahead of the industry curve.

Please click on the categories below to check out the different courses offered in each category.

Application Outlines

Learnsoft’s application courses are offered at multiple skill levels to serve the needs of beginner to advanced level users. Our curriculum and class exercises provide practical hands-on knowledge.

Business Outlines

Whether you want to be a better leader, manager or colleague, with our Learnsoft catalog of business skills courses, you will develop the skills to increase your knowledge to achieve your goals. When you work on self-development, you succeed at the social, emotional, and practical skills that you need so that you can accomplish what you are set out to do.

Graphic Design Outlines

Learnsoft helps you understand the software of all Adobe products. We offer Adobe training courses that provide introduction to advanced skills in desktop publishing, web design, web development, and digital video applications.

IT Outlines

Learnsoft offers a wide range of classes for our IT Professional clients. Our instructors are one of the best in the industry and will help you develop your skills, prepare you for your certifications and provide continual improvement processes in your organization.

Project Management Outlines

Project Managers are responsible for creating a team that are able to work autonomously. Organizations rely on PMs to take care of every possible parameter, from resources to risks, from laying the foundation of a project to getting a team to work for a shared goal. Learnsoft offers courses anywhere from new project managers to more experienced professionals interested in certification.

Retirement Planning Outlines

Retiring from a Federal career can be a confusing time, involving many choices that are both financial and psychological in nature. Retirement in general is a significant transition for anyone. Learnsoft offers both FERS and CSRS Pre-Retirement training, Early/Mid-Career Retirement training, Thrift Savings Plan training, Financial Planning and many more to help you with your transition.