Case Studies

The following Case Studies are recent examples of how Learnsoft has supported our clients’ objectives and implemented their learning strategies.

The Challenge

Cisco’s primary business is related to managing access to the internet – providing both software and hardware solutions. Their engineers are highly qualified people working in an environment where they are continually being faced with challenges related to hacking threats and overall cybersecurity.

The Solution

As a learning partner of Cisco, Learnsoft had discussions with the Cisco education team, we then proposed that Learnsoft would develop an instructor-led program to educate Cisco engineers on the latest cyber-security defense techniques in relation to the design and protection of Cisco Routers. Learnsoft has access to many very specialized and qualified technical instructors, and after consulting with Cisco of these resources, we were able to create a program that we felt would be ideal for addressing their requirements and current skill-sets. It was presented to Cisco, and after reviewing the proposed curriculum, they scheduled classes for engineers throughout many of their offices around the world.

The Result

Learnsoft collaborated with a number of our instructors to begin a detailed design for the actual classes within the program, and three weeks later presented Cisco with a course-ware and outlines. Cisco then scheduled classes for their design engineers, not just in the U.S., but also throughout international offices. Learnsoft assigned a team that traveled for a 6-8 month period delivering theses classes, and the project was an overwhelming success.

With Learnsoft’s ability to customize learning programs and individual classes, we were able to propose a Cisco-specific solution that was not offered by any other training vendor, bringing measurable productivity results to an international workforce of engineers at Cisco.

The Challenge

Toyota Financial Services is the financial arm for both Toyota and Lexus motor vehicles. Some years ago, they needed to upgrade all of their offices throughout the United States to a new technology platform. They admittedly did not have the internal resources to conduct such an extensive project, nor the technical expertise of IBM’s Collaboration Solutions, so they enlisted our help.

The Solution

As an authorized Training Center for the product, Learnsoft had certified instructors and the technical knowledge as to how best to structure a conversion class from one technology platform to another. In conjunction with the Toyota team, Learnsoft designed the assessments and a training curriculum. The curriculum included not only delivering classes to Toyota employees, it also included support and validation for employees following class attendance, ensuring that they were able to apply the knowledge from the class to actual skills required for the new software.

The Result

Learnsoft assigned a team of fifteen instructors and a detailed training plan that spanned almost nine months. The entire project was completed on- time, and with amazing results. The combination of the Learnsoft instructors, working in conjunction with the client, facilitated a better understanding of the Toyota culture, and we were able to therefore deliver a much more effective training program. A celebration event was held at the end of the project which was attended by numerous top Toyota managers, at which awards were handed out to the Learnsoft/Toyota team.

This is another example of how Learnsoft, with its ability to customize its solutions, was able to assist a large multinational organization in introducing and implementing new software technology across the enterprise.

The Challenge

The County of San Diego has been a valued client of Learnsoft’s for the past 25 years. During this period, there have been numerous organizational and structural changes with the County’s training procedures – from initially working directly with training vendors, to transitioning to operating through three outsourced partners. Multiple learning challenges were created in this regard – from hardware refreshes by their outsourced partners, to new software platforms staged over extended periods, resulting in not everyone concurrently utilizing the same technology. One such challenge related to their upgrade to the latest Microsoft Office Suite.

The Solution

Learnsoft submitted a proposal to the County that included the following elements –

  • Learnsoft would conduct ½ day training sessions at either our learning center or on-site at a County facility.
  • Learnsoft would provide multiple instructors per day, each teaching two ½ day sessions per day.
  • The classes would be specific in addressing the differences between all of the versions of the applications, understanding that (for the most part) the employees of the County are familiar with the current platform.
  • For classes that were held at a County facility, Learnsoft would be able to provide laptops and/or other necessary hardware.
  • Learnsoft would offer its upgrade program with full customization to the curriculum that the County required, and furthermore, no additional charge for Learnsoft to customize the classes to meet the specific needs of the County of San Diego.
  • Finally we proposed to provide different levels (including modifications to the duration) of the classes (if needed), depending on the requirements of each student group. This would be to accommodate employees that may need more specific or advanced (and possibly shorter duration) sessions.

The Result

Learnsoft conducted the project with complete success. This included not only teaching the classes at multiple locations, but also managing the scheduling, timeline and signups of employees, utilizing Learnsoft’s robust and powerful learning management system. Learnsoft was able to complete the project on time and within budget, to the complete satisfaction of the client. Learnsoft continues to serve the needs of the County of San Diego, which also includes both technical and project management courses.

The Challenge

Cubic Corporation is a diversified systems and services company in the transportation and defense industry. Cubic has a global presence in nearly 60 nations and employs approximately 8,000 people. Much of their work relates to managing projects, and they first contracted with Learnsoft about six years ago, to pilot a project management (PMP) class for their employees. They had specific needs, and they required that as a result of attending these classes, employees must be able to pass the world-renowned and accepted PMP certification exams.

The Solution

Learnsoft assigned multiple PMP certified instructors to work with Cubic to identify their specific needs, and we then delivered a pilot class. Although this class had a 100% pass rate of attendees for the PMP exam, and even though it is a certified class, Cubic requested that a few specific elements be added to the curriculum to make it more applicable to the Cubic environment. This was easily accomplished through our customized solution platform, and the program was then extended to the entire Cubic organization.

The Result

To date, hundreds of Cubic employees have attended the Learnsoft PMP classes in multiple delivery formats including instructor-led, self-paced and virtual classes through Learnsoft Live, and they continue to achieve outstanding results in the certification process.

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