Things To Do In Connecticut

January 14, 2014
By wpengine

If you are planning a trip to Connecticut and you would like to learn first-hand which are some of the most exciting places to visit here, you have reached the right page. Without further ado, here are a few of the highlights of the city and the reasons why they continue to be so popular even today.  


The Mystic Seaport – New England’s Reacreation Place


The museum is located over 17 acres on the ex George Greenman & Co Shipyard and its builders have used no less than five dozen historic buildings and four huge ships to recreate old times. The addition of more than 500 small vessels nicely placed along the Mystic River is an extra touch of the Mystic Seaport. Come here and do not walk away without at least admiring the amazing crafts and trades created by traditional handymen. You will find out all about the history of the place with the help of the interpreters there and, as a surprise for most visitors, the whaleboat or ship rescuing live demonstrations will surely keep your spirits high. A smaller museum which plays the role of a children’s playroom can also come in extremely handy for parents travelling with kids. Finally, the seaport itself is composed of a general store, a jail, a boat shop, jail, pharmacy, chapel, sail loft, and a school. If you think you should postpone your trip to Connecticut because you’ve just discovered you have a broken lock somewhere around the house, simply contact the fellows at and they should immediately cater to your urgent locksmith needs.


The Wadsworth Museum

This museum was built by Daniel Wadsworth, whose father made a nice fortune off trading, banking, or manufacturing. Daniel married Faith Trumbull, who was the niece of famous artist John Trumbull. The museum itself was constructed on the ground where the family had its home and it was later on taken by Elizabeth Colt, the widow of Samuel Colt; she added a thousand more pieces to the museum when she donated the items that she had bought after selling Colt’s weapons.


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